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TENS Massager

TENS Massager, Electronic Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief

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  • TENS: Used for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles due to strain from exercise or normal household work activities.


  • EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator): used to stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve and facilitate; muscle performance


  • Relieve pain: Premium quality mini massager with 15 pre-programmed massage modes, possessing both TENS and EMS, efficiently alleviate pain in shoulder, back, waist, ankles, arm,leg, and wrist at anytime in anywhere.



  • Adjustable strength & time: Adjustable intensity level and time meets different demands. 40 intensity levels and 30 minutes default timer which can be adjusted from 30 to 90 minutes provide a more flexible way to achieve pain relief.


  • 2 Channels output: Dual outputs provides simultaneous treatment for 2 persons or different targeted areas.


  • Portable:This mini massager is pocket size and lightweight so could be taken with you anywhere, which helps relaxing muscles when you are in the office, travel or at home.



  • Specifications:

Housing material:ABS
Number of channels: two channels
Power supply: DC 4.5V 3*AAA Battery (Batteries not included.)
Waveform: Bidirectional wave
Display mode:LCD display
Mode: 12 programs
Output frequency: 1-120HZ
Output pluse width:100-250uS
Grade of strength:0-40
Weight: 180g
Electrodes: Reusable, Convenient, safety, no side-effects
Applicable parts:
Arm, neck, Shoulder, back, waist, abdomen, hip, knee,leg , foot, etc.


  • Notes.

Do not use the device under any circunstance if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device
Do not use during pregnancy
Do not use on children
Do not use on unhealthy or damaged skin
Do not share pads - to avoid contamination
For the same part, Do not use more than two times in the same day.


  • Option "1 Device" Package Included :

1 x Ten Unit device (batteries are not included )
2 x Electroic cable
4 x Electroic pads (2 pairs)


  • Option "20pcs pad" Package Included (pads only):

20 x Electroic pads (10 pairs)


Brand Name: Hailicare
Certification: CE
Standard Voltage: 220V
Application: BODY
4-Mode Electric Tens Muscle Stimulator :: Ems Acupuncture Face Body Massager
Digital Therapy Herald Massage Tool Electrostimulator:: Pulse EMS Machine Electric TENS Muscle Stimulator
Body Massage Relax Pain Relief:: Acupuncture Health Care Machine

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