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  • How is BCI diffirent from other orthopedic brace sellers?
    BCI is the orthopedic, orthotic, prosthetic brace manufacturer, delivering direct, AFFORDABLE LUXURY deals you deserve! ALL BCI medical braces are FDA & Prescription Rx approved, which says everything about QUALITY. BCI keeps continual improvements in delivering comprehensive rehabilitation experience. WHY OVER-PRICED NAME BRANDS WHEN YOU HAVE BETTER OPTIONS WITH BCI?
  • How do I order right size?
    Please refer to size measurement instructions by clicking "Size Chart +" drop-down menu on product page, have your size measured, order the right size. During business hour, just have live chat with our medical brace specialist if you need further assistance. During non-business hour, please leave message with your contact info, questions, we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • How does your "low price guarantee" or "price match" work?"
    Easy! Just provide us some sort of proof in writings(e.g. screenshots, invoices), we are happy to match the price with competitors cause we want your business and like to be your one-stop ortho DME shop! BCI does not price match against Clearance or Closeout items, website discounts, individual sellers, non-stocked or shipping offers. BCI reserves the right to decline price matching another offer if it deems it to be a typographical error or below our cost. Price matching includes the price of the product and the shipping cost as many companies hide their product discounts by charging excessive shipping. Price Matching is on a sku level meaning that it has to be the same product, color, size or variation.
  • Do I pay more by going through my insurance with doctor prescription?
    In many cases, Yes! It depends on your insurance plan, E.g. deductilble, co-insurance payment. To order brace with prescription, please fill out insurance eligibility form here . In many cases, you pay less than your insurance copay, by just ordering on BCI online shop without going through insurance. PLUS you will get product right away without going through lengthy insurance verification, approval process.
  • Can I just buy brace in BCI online shop with NO doctor prescription?
    Yes. Simply order online. No prescription needed, no lengthy insurance approval process needed. We feel your pain, like you to get the best brace to relieve pain ASAP!
  • Can I order with my FSA ( aka Flexible Spending Account) or HSA( aka Health Savings Account) cards?
    Yes. The transaction shall show in the category of medical expense with your FSA/HSA card. If you use an active FSA/HSA card, your purchase will be auto-substantiated and you can skip the claims process. Note that not all FSA/HSAs are created equal; always check with your FSA/HSA administrator about plan allowances and requirements before you shop.
  • What if I have an FSA without an FSA card?
    If you don’t have an FSA card, you can still shop with your own credit or debit card. Just print out the invoice/receipt, submit a claim to your FSA administrator so you can be reimbursed for your eligible purchase.
  • What if I have special ordering requests on products?
    We are happy to listen to your demands and will try to work out the best solutions with you. Just contact us.
  • What are your privacy and securities policies?
    You can view our Store Policy page.
  • What if I am looking for products other than what you listed on BCI website?
    Just give us the cross part number, we are happy to work it out with you. We get "original" FDA manufacturers backed up and can deliver almost any kind of orthopedic, orthotic, proesthetic products, whether it's off-the-shelf ( me too) or customized ( personalized) products. With this being said, we like to be your DME supplier & partner while providing products with competitve services and prices! Contact us now!
  • Are physicians permitted to bill commercial insurance for DME and, if so, are there any specific processes physicians must follow to do so?"
    Physicians who have a NPI number are permitted to bill commercial insurance (aka payer) for DME. To bill a private insurer as a participating provider, physicians typically must complete an application process and enter into a participating provider agreement with the insurer. Physicians may also bill a private insurer as a non-participating provider (i.e., without going through the application process and signing the participating provider agreement). However, non-participating providers typically are reimbursed at a lower rate by the insurer and some insurers will not reimburse non-participating providers directly (i.e., the insurer reimburses the patient and the physician must seek payment from the patient). You can learn more here .
  • Will BCI ship internationally?
    While getting more inquiries about this, we ship products in U.S. and Canada at this stage. Contact us if you have questions.
  • How do I return an item?
    Please visit our Shipping and Return page to view our return policy.
  • How does your "price match" work?"
    Let's be straightforward and save both our time in good deals! Just provide us written proof of product invoice(s) which you purchased from other vendors, we will either match/beat or pass on, it's this simple. One thing to remind, it's fair to match price for product with same spec. We like to be your one-stop marketplace for DME. Just like to be honest and save the haggle time back and forth!
  • How does 30-day, money back guarantee tryout work?"
    We like you to have peace of mind to get started with quality products we ceritified. You just need to sign up as " BCI Premium Member " ( FREE for the first 5,000 sign-ups! Sign up now!!) to enjoy this benefit. You got 30 days to try out selected product(s), in case you are not happy with our product, you may return the item for exchange, credit or refund. Just contact BCI for RMA number, provide return reason in writings, return the product in original condition ( customer pays for return shipping and handling. Be advised the return must be received in our warehouse prior to the end of the 30 days for your refund to be processed), we are happy to exchange or refund your money back. It's our committment to make you happy with BCI products and services!
  • Does BCI provide warranty on products?
    BCI offers limited warranties for products from original date of purchase against defects in workmanship and materials. Normal wear and tear is not considered a defect. Warranties vary with different products. Please contact BCI's sales representatives of customer service department for more details. Pictures and/or return of the product for inspection will be requested for all warranty claims before a replacement item will be issued. Non-warranty returns on unused items will be accepted within 30 days from date of purchase and will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • Is there a PDAC approval letter for PDAC approved DMEPOS BCI offers?
    Yes. We are happy to provide PDAC approval letter upon request. Just to have peace of mind to order from BCI and get reimbursement.
  • Is PDAC approved DME reimbursable?
    Yes. Reimbursement is the responsibility of the billing party. BCI takes no responsibility for the accurate submission of reimbursement requests.
  • How does your fulfillment work?
    Growing numner of health care providers, distributors, and resellers are leveraging from the fulfillment service BCI offers. We want you to focus on growing sales, with peace of mind on logicstics, warehouse, packing, shipping. Billions Centuries Inc keeps adapting our service to fulfill clients needs, to maximize efficiency and profits. Please email to learn how you can benefit!
  • How does BCI Brand Ambassador program work?
    Its a reward program which BCI and ambassadors are working together, to help ambassadors(e.g. personal trainer, YouTuber, instructor, individual with passion,...) to earn good income while retaining/growing your followers. Ambassador will earn reward commisions % of sale sent our way. Your(ambassador) followers get immedicate discount % off their order(s). No minimum committement, no inventory purchase. We offer very incentive reward programs to help you earn more! SKY IS THE LIMIT! Email to learn more. Lets grow together!
  • I am a DME supplier (AKA DMEPOS), how can I enroll my company to work with BCI?"
    Simple and Easy. We are here to get you up running with peace of mind, jusy email and request to fill out applications. The review process normally take up to 7 days to set up your account, start grow your business with BCI world-class product support!
  • I use BCI osteoarthritis knee brace on my right knee, looking to have some professionals in my pain free journey, do you have good trainers to refer?"
    Yes. BCI is happy to connect you with good personal trainers, who commit to offer BCI customers with professional rehabilitation sessions via 1-on-1 video sessions. You, as BCI valued client, will get the best exclusive rate with qualified trainers. You can leave note when checkout or email to schedule your concierge service exclusive to our valued clients. We like you to recover and live better!
  • Will my insurance pay for brace(s) I ordered? How much will they cover?
    Yes. Billions Centuries Inc dedicates to supply reimbursement/billing coded ( insurance/prescription/PDAC approved) orthopedic bracings ( known as durable medical equipment aka DME) at manufacurer direct, affordable prices due to high deductibles, coinsurance, no insurance, and sometimes simply needed extras not covered by insurance. Our client specialists are happy to work together with customers on insurance eligibility. If you are a Medicare beneficiary or covered by any other insurance payer, you have options available rather than paying out of pocket for your bracings. We are here to provide the alternative options that are available to customers who wish to obtain these supplies at deeply discounted prices without billing insurance. Even when Medicare or other insurance pays for orthopedic bracings, there might be extra costs. You may need to pay a deductible (money you pay before insurance starts) and coinsurance (percentage of the cost). Medigap or other supplementary insurance may pick up some of these costs. Here is an example about Medicare payments. Medicare Part B pays for DME in the same way it covers the costs of doctor visits and out-of-hospital tests and treatments. Under Medicare Part B, the patient pays a once-a-year deductible (this varies from time to time) for all covered services. After that, the patient pays a 20% coinsurance fee for any service or DME products. In many cases, the 20% coinsurance fee might be higher than BCI super discount price. As you know, most of our customers shop with us for cost savings on out of pocket expenses. Its your call to make the smart choice getting affordbale luxury bracings! Please leave us message at our contact page here , our speacialist will follow up with you to figure out what could be the best cost saving way!
  • Is it safe to upload my info or documents for insurance claim?
    Yes, We take your privacy as our top priority. Billions Centuries Inc. will at all times maintain reasonable and appropriate security controls to protect the information as required by the HIPAA Security Rule. Click here to learn more about HIPAA compliance.
  • Is the price listed on BCI online shop by insurance or cashpay?
    Cashpay. Many smart consumers and professionals go straightforward to order without paying high co-insurance or lengthy insurance approval process.
  • Can I purchase gift card to give to my friends?
    Yes. Simply go to BCI gift card page HERE , check out gift card deals!
  • What is unloader knee brace?
    Unloader knee brace is specially designed to shift weight bearing pressure from one side of your knee joint to another. The key benefit of these braces is their ability to reduce pain and discomfort for individuals suffering the effects of knee osteoarthritis. Many happy customers use BCI S1 Unloader Knee Brace, click here to learn more.
  • How do I measure to order the right size?
    Simply click on "Size Chart +" button on product page for size measurement instructions.
  • Do I have expedite shipping options?
    Yes. We understand you need to get your brace as soon as possible. BCI offers couple shipping & handling options, simply choose the shipping option at checkout.
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