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Billions Centuries, Inc (BCI), was established by veterans in medical product design, medical device manufacturing, distribution, and technologies.


We commit to bring top quality medical grade  braces to everyone, with best service at affordable price.

BCI, as FDA and Prescription (Rx) approved orthopedic brace manufacturer, is actively partnering with practitioners, local representative vendors, tele-health platforms, and professional communities to leverage marketplace based on individual's demands.

Why BCI? 

We bring medical product shopping experience and FDA Rx approved bracings to you, including full line of bone-on-bone OsteoArthritis (OA) Unloader knee brace , ACL, Meniscus, Patellar tracking, arthritis pain relief, post surgery knee brace, full leg brace, drop foot brace (AFO), CAM boot, back brace, hand brace.

We use smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to streamline manufacturing, logistic fulfillment, and customer services, just to deliver the best value at lower cost.

Everyone can easily get prescription approved, what doctors are recommending, bracings at direct wholesale price, without tedious insurance process or middlemen.


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