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Knee Booster Brace

Knee Booster Brace, Power Knee Brace Joint Support with Springs

SKU: 4000022210916

Best seller knee booster brace


  • Features

• Comfortable & Durable, Easy to use, Fit for all size, Adjustable
• Gives strength to the legs and knee joints. With three springs on each side, It can withstand up to 20kg.
• Provide supports to the legs. Even if you walk for a long time, it can be less forceful and relieves the weight burden.
• The neoprene material does not easily absorb bacteria and produces less odour.
• Can be used for a long period of time.
• You can wear it inside or outside of the pants. Easy to wear and easy to take it off at anytime.

  • How to wear:

Step 1: Release one fixing bolt
Step 2: Grasp the opposite fixing bolt and pull out the shaft
Step 3: Hold the upper /lower pads of this product with both hands and pull it up and down gently to
remove it. After separation, you can add the number of springs according to your desired
elasticity .

• Material: Neoprene, Silicone, Velcro
• Size: One size for most users
• Dimension: Upper Strap 54cm, Lower Strap 44cm, product height 31cm
• Weight : 650g
• Colour: Black
• Package: 1 pair Powerleg (spring loaded), 6 x Extra spring, Carrying Pouch, Manual


Brand Name: Kyncilor
Age: Universal
Origin: Mainland China
Material: OK Material
Model Number: AB037


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