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silvered infused socks

BCI Performance X-Static® Silver Infused Toe Socks

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 🔥 Extraordinary performance for active atheles in hiking, cycling, marathon, soccer, motorcross 

 The leading & ONLY Silver Infused + Five Finger Socks in US 🔥


☑️ Doctors and trainers recommend

☑️ Runners, hikers, cyclists, campers, athletes's pocket list

☑️ Perfect for everyone & people with diabetic, neuropathy, sensitive, arthritis, athlete feet, Chilblains, Circulation Disorders, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Edema

☑️ Designed using advanced textile technology with FDA pure X-Static® silver fiber

☑️ Learn more about X-Static (Ionic+) silver fabric technology designed in socks, click video HERE

☑️ X-Static® technology fabric bonds 99.9% pure silver to the surface of every fiber

☑️ X-Static® Silver fiber is medical graded material used in medical, military , aerospace, high-end outfitters(e.g. Lulu Lemon) for years

☑️ Antimicrobial, antibacterial silver fabrics offer permanent and continuous functioning

☑️ Doctors recommend. Therapeutic socks for diabetic neuropathy

☑️ Comfort Adaptive Technology. Breathable. Moisture wicking, fast-drying 

☑️ Tested effective against Coronavirus

☑️ Thermodynamics. Adjust with body surface temparature

☑️ Improve blood circulation

☑️ Non binding for extra comfort

☑️ Shock-proof cushion base prevents injury

☑️ Odor-eliminating technology with ion technology. Learn more about permanent odor protection here

☑️ Smooth Toe Seam Quick-Vent System designed for best anti-odor & thermodynamic performance

☑️ Speical toe seam design provides maximum comfort, prevents rubbing, irritation or blisters

☑️ Anti-static

☑️ Special 3D knitting design from toes to ankle, reduces fatigue while maximizing comfort and durability

☑️ Perfect for sensitive and weak skin (e.g. diabetic)

☑️ All season wear, feet feel warm in winter and cool in summer

☑️ Unisex for men and women

☑️ Never stop working against bacteria. Bacteria will mostly become immune to most antibacterial agents, bacteria are virtually incapable of developing resistance to silver

☑️ Fabric hygiene. Less bacteria and odor means less washing. Good with multiple wearings, saving resources and time

☑️ Durability. Stays soft and smooth as long as you wear it

☑️ Stylish & fashionable

☑️ Improve your wellbeing & immune system

☑️ Top quality made in Taiwan. X-Static® silver fiber made in United States

☑️ Clean tip. When you do wash, you can use lower temperatures because the fabric is maintaining microbial cleanliness.


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😄 For Subscription Members

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